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Social Media Marketing Earthquake, Content Tsunami - Planning, Startups, Stories
Business owners: Social media puts us all on a different kind of playing field, competing for attention, but in a competition that we win only with being worthy of attention – interesting, funny, useful – consistently over time. We're dealing with a kind of value that, sadly, doesn't show up in short-term analytics. You push on social media too hard, and they turn you off. Be there consistently, worthy of attention, and we gain relationships, friendship, advocacy, that is clearly a real value on the longer term, but it won't show up immediately in clicks or views into the website. We're all like channels now. And if we have too much advertising, they turn us off.
Do You Really Want to Be Your Own Boss?
One of the greatest attractions of launching a startup or owning a business is that you get to be your own boss. But is it truly that great? I’ve asked the same question about running a business, but running yourself is an entirely different matter. I’m a freelancer and I have my own business. Although I wouldn’t trade this freedom for any of the “dream jobs” that I had fantasized about while growing up, there is one thing I could do away with: the accountability. [ 613 more words. ]
Thinking about Hiring a Virtual Assistant?
Being a solopreneur, freelancer or small business owner can come with a lot of freedom, but the responsibilities tend to pile up when you’re a one-person show. Getting mundane and less important tasks out of the way frees up time and energy for more creativity and productivity. So if your diary, apps and other online tools are just not working for you anymore, it might be time to delegate some work to a virtual assistant. [ 619 more words. ]
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